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2018 City of Buffalo Community Partnerships Initiative Network


The following agencies administer the City of Buffalo Owner Occupied Housing Assistance Program. To apply residents should contact the Community Based Housing Agency assigned to administer this program for their council district.


Fillmore District and Lovejoy District

Lt. Col. Matt Urban Center

1081 Broadway

Buffalo, NY 14212-1456

Phone: 893-7222

Fax: 893-7242


South District

Old First Ward Community Association

62 Republic Street

Buffalo, NY 14204-2727

Phone: 856-8613

Fax: 856-8273


Masten District

Fillmore Leroy Area Residents Inc. (FLARE)

Tri-Main Building, Suite 412

2495 Main Street

Buffalo, NY 14214

Phone: 838-6740

Fax: 838-6919


Ellicott District and Niagara District

Heart of the City Neighborhoods, Inc.

191 North Street, Suite 1

Buffalo, New York 14201

Phone: 882-7661

Fax: 882-7662



North District

West Side Neighborhood Housing Services

359 Connecticut Street

Buffalo, NY 14213-2547

Phone: 885-2344

Fax: 885-2346


University District and Delaware District

University Heights CDA

3242 Main Street

Buffalo, NY 14214-1324

Phone: 832-1010

Fax: 832-5099



The City of Buffalo Owner Occupied assistance is provided in the form of a low interest loan to all applicants. Loan repayment terms are based upon individual eligibility and are NOT grants. 


Eligible rehabilitation activities include and may be limited to one (1) item listed below:

  1. Break in main water line
  2. Break in main sewer line
  3. Hazard at main electrical panel
  4. Inoperable heating system
  5. Test and repair of gas line as identified by utility provider


A limited number of applications will be taken to address deteriorated roof conditions for the elderly. In all cases, assistance can only be provided when a residence is in generally good condition, as determined by technical staff assigned to the program. The applicant MUST reside in the home for which they are seeking assistance. Additional requirements apply. This program is designed to provide emergency assistance to owner occupants and is NOT intended to serve as a maintenance program for homeowners


Eligibility requirements apply. An application will NOT be completed until all supporting documentation is presented. NO EXCEPTIONS. NO Waiting lists are permitted for this program. 



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