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The City of Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency has been working closely with two (2) of our Community Based Affordable Housing Partners to identify qualified buyers for four (4) properties fully renovated or built in partnership with the Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency.  Properties for sale are located at 21 S. Ryan, 928 Fillmore Avenue, 933 Fillmore Avenue and 245 Dearborn Avenue that were fully renovated through the City’s HOME Program AND one (1) New Build – 174 East Street.  All properties must be sold to buyers meeting the HUD income guidelines.  Contact the organizations listed below for a full program description and information related to the renovations/new construction. 


Listing agents are invited to contact each of our partners and engage them on these wonderful opportunities.  Each may be in the market for an agent and/or attorney, so don’t delay.  We look forward to working with you and our Community Organizations to match up buyers with these gorgeous homes. 


Matt Urban Center, or

21 S. Ryan, 928 Fillmore Avenue, 933 Fillmore Avenue – see below email


Black Rock Riverside NHS

174 East Street (almost completed)

21 South Ryan AFTER 

928 Fillmore AFTER 

933 Fillmore AFTER 

245 Dearborn AFTER 

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