City-Wide Exterior Property Condition Survey

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Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency will be conducting a city-wide Exterior Property Condition Survey sponsored by the New York State Zombie Remediation and Prevention Initiative, created by the Office of the New York Attorney General.


From May 24- July 9, sixteen (16) trained data collectors, under the direction of czb LLC (the consulting firm coordinating the survey) will be in the field gathering visual data points for each residential property in the City. The data collected by this survey is important as it will allow us to evaluate sidewalk conditions, measure property condition over time, identify vacant and abandoned properties, and pinpoint areas where the early signs of blight are visible, so that we can stabilize them before they become deteriorated beyond repair. Cross referencing this data with other data points will help us better understand the housing stock within the City as well as the stability of our neighborhoods.

The survey IS NOT a code enforcement sweep and IS NOT tied in any way to property valuation and tax assessment. This is an information-gathering exercise to aid the planning process.


Following data collection, czb LLC will provide BURA with an analysis that will compare, catalogue and evaluate property condition over time, vacancy rate, estimated cost to repair, and variables that contribute to declining or improving exterior conditions. This information will likely be relevant to other programs and planning within the Agency, and will be available for internal use.


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