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Welcome to the official website of the City of Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency (BURA). We invite you to explore the website to learn more about BURA and the myriad of opportunities and services we offer. Our aim is to promote efficient planning, financing and completion of neighborhood-driven development projects, to enhance and maintain quality and vibrant urban living in the City of Buffalo.


We are committed to fostering a collaborative environment with the community, through accountability of our practices, outreach and advocacy effort for transparency, and building and empowering of the City’s residents.


Our goal is quite simple: to become a resource and partner to City residents, other community development agencies, and staff in seeking results to the most pressing issues facing the Buffalo area. Our aim is also to develop partnerships that are mutually beneficial and promote social and economic change.


It is truly an exciting time to be living in the City of Buffalo, as the past few years have brought several economic and community development projects throughout the city, and there are many proposed projects still in the works.


This website is designed to be clean, user-friendly, and interactive for users of all ages and abilities. The web page will provide regular updates on the activities of BURA and its partners, upcoming community event/meetings, and will provide information designed to enhance public awareness of programs and services.


We look forward to working with individuals in the community who are committed to the enhancement of comprehensive and all-inclusive revitalization effort.





Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency

920 City Hall

Buffalo, NY 14202

Phone (716) 851-BURA

Phone (716) 851-GROW


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